Original Artworks.

Entirely hand drawn and painted pieces of art showcasing the beauty of detail lost within the bigger picture. 

PIECE OF MIND 2 copy.jpg

Mandala no. 34 - "Piece of Mind"

The Beauty of Detail.

Life in Detail is a representation of the intricacies of our world. It is learning to appreciate the little things around us and understanding how by living day to day we are contributing to our own bigger pictures without realising. Just as every little detail in my artwork is necessary to complete the overall piece, each and every day (no matter how bad) is significant when fulfilling our destinies.

The Mandala.

The mandala symbolises the universe. There is no beginning or end to the full circle and it is filled with pattern and colour that reflect the business of our every day lives.

To each of us, our own personal experiences of the universe are subjective and ever changing and so there are infinite versions of the mandala to be made. As I continue to create, I hope to match as many of your personal versions of the universe out there as possible.

Giving Back

It is no secret that my art journey began as a means of coping with my anxiety and now that I am able to give something back - 10% of all profits will be donated to Young Minds UK. They are the UK's leading charity dedicated to improving children's wellbeing and mental health. Thank you for allowing me to do this, allowing me to live out my dreams and for allowing me to turn a huge negative into an even bigger positive.